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Welcome to our Goa wiki . On this site we will be maintaining all the hotels list in Goa and their rates. The hotel owners will have the access to connect to the site and manage the rates etc.

Upcoming articles on this site:

Budget hotels and accomodations in Goa
hostel Accommodation in Goa

Join this wiki!

This wiki is nothing without the contributors. This is not a typical website where we will be putting encyclopedic information. We want the visitors of the website and travelers to share the practicalities information about the places that you have been to.

How will it help the travelers?

Sharing hotel information will benefit in not only knowing what sort of hotels are there but also about the prices at different times of the year. So it will be a great addition to what we have already been thinking.

Benefit to hotel owners

It will also help the hotel owners because they will be able to offer cheaper rates to the customers as they will save money in advertisements and agent fees. Now they can concentrate on providing better services rather than spending time in marketing and promotional activities.

I understand that this task is not going to be easy. But We are trying to do our best to get the best deals out there

Traveling in Goa Documentary

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Part 2 the beach beaches

best wildlife

doodhsagar waterfall

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